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Hey Girl!


wife | mom | content creator | woman of faith

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my why

My Mission

Sis, my existence is to serve like Jesus

So, it's my privilege to uplift and inspire the hearts & minds of women from all walks of life. 

What's in the Name?

The Origin & Meaning 

“Deedy” (pronounced dē-dē) is the nickname given to me as a child by my family.  They also like to call me "Deedybug" :)


It serves as a personal reminder of my humble beginnings. Its my personal reaffirmation of who I am authentically, and it assures me, in times of adversity, that I am still that strong-willed girl who is capable of doing anything.


don't come from comfort zones

Great things 

The story of my life...and girl do I have a story to tell.

Are you wondering why someone would be willing to lose everything to regain their peace and sanity?  Let me explain.

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Women's Devotional 

Your Free Gift

By joining our sister circle, you will get FREE access to an electronic copy of my 5-Day Devotional, "Hagar's Story: Finding Hope in the Wilderness".

This devotional serves as a reminder to us that God is aware of our struggles and is faithful to His promises, even in the midst of difficult circumstances.

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